Device Gradings


All devices sold by More Tech are in perfect working condition, this means that every function on the device works as if it were new. All device pass a rigorous 72 point quality check which tests each function of the device to ensure it is working as intended. All devices sold have a battery capacity of at least 85%, in many cases devices sold will have a brand new battery.

Devices sold by More tech must meet one of three conditions to be listed on the store. These three conditions are Excellent, Very Good and Good. Devices that do not reach one of these three standards are recycled for parts to repair shops. Hence, all devices are in a good condition.

Certified Pre-owned

Certified pre-owned means that the devices have never been repaired. They contain all original components. The only part within the phone that may have been replaced will be the battery, this is to ensure that the battery health of all our devices are 85% or greater. This ensures that all devices sold are only of the highest quality ready to get a second life with you.

72-point Quality Check

All our phones are tested using a sophisticated software and whilst also being manually inspected by hand before being sanitised and packaged for shipment. We use our own packaging designed to provide maximum protection during shipment.

All devices come with an Australian standards approved charging brick and a charging cable.

Excellent Condition

Devices classed in the excellent category are our highest quality devices, they are considered to be "like new", this means that they may have some small insignificant imperfections, however, are mostly like new.

Very Good Condition

Devices that do not meet the requirements for the excellent condition will then be inspected to see if they meet the conditions for "very good". These devices may have a few cosmetic imperfections such as small scratches or scuffs. Overall these devices are in very good condition and work like new.

Good condition

The good condition is the lowest grade of phone that More Tech stocks. This is because it encompasses phones that are still in great condition but may have a few more imperfections than phones classed in the very good and excellent conditions. When purchasing a phone in this condition expect some imperfections to the body of the phone and some small scratches on the screen.

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